Hi, welcome to my portfolio!

My name's Joey, I'm a freelance illustrator and growing 3D animator. 

Drawing was my main focus growing up, however, after studying 

3D animation at university I was truly captivated by the idea of breathing three dimensional life into a concept or character. 

I'm still learning a great deal in both illustration and animation, I'm always pushing forwards and enjoy a good challenge.

I've worked on quite a few freelance projects over the last decade...

I've designed pet toys, illustrated novel covers, created logos and business cards, I also successfully took on the challenge of creating the art work for an entire card game and I'm currently illustrating a children's book!

I love trying out different things and working with a variety of clients and friends, some projects I would do anything to go back and re-create... 

but that's how self-improvement works I guess! 

I hope to push forwards and continue to learn and grow within the company of other creators and visionaries!

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